About Sauna • Hotel-Restaurant Complex "Shafran"

The positive influence of sauna upon the state of human's organism has been especially thoroughly investigated lately.

Alongside being the place of renewing body power, sauna has also become the place to throw off the fatigue, to relax and to become healthier. Hot steam opens the skin pores and purifies the human's body. Pleasant warmth, the possibility contributing to the full relaxation, the thrilling feeling of purity and the feeling of beeing perfectly well are the thing that only sauna can give.

It is recommended to visit sauna as the means of renewing the working capacity after big physical and mental tension of strengthening the protective powers of organism.

To the service of guests of the "Shafran" hotel-restaurant complex it is suggested the fitness SPA-zone. It gives the opportunity to throw off the burden of the working day and have a nice time in the circle of relatives and friends with the benefits to your health.

Cozy and enfeebling sauna does not only enable to purify the organism, but also to satiate it with the fragrance of forest herbs. Since long ago everyone knows about the healing values of aromatherapy, which has a wholesome effect both on the emotional state and the organism as a whole.

The small swimming-pool gives possibility to diversify the sojourn in sauna with both the contrast of temperatures and the emotional feelings.

For those willing to enrich their rest with a small meal there is a sitting room designed in Russian style, with the massive wooden furniture and samovar! What can be better than a cup of fragrant herbal tea with bagels after the enfeebling sauna?

The time spent in the cozy atmosphere with the benefit for your health and emotional well-being has a huge positive influence upon the human's life as a whole Russian bath steams!

Russian bath cures, Russian bath will restore your health!