Rules of residence • Hotel-Restaurant Complex "Shafran"


The rules of accomodation of guests with pets at the "Shafran" hotel:


1. Only dogs and cats of small and medium breeds are accepted as pets.

2. While getting accommodation at the hotel a guest having pets must get acquainted with "The rules of accomodation of guests having pets" and confirm his agreement with these rules by signing them.

3. The guests who came for a stay at the hotel with pets must have a certificate from a veterinarian with a note on all vaccinations.

4. The guest must have a special rug or a special cage for his pet.

5. The guest must walk the dog of a medium or big breed only muzzled. Walking the pets on the territory of children's playground and the lawns is strictly prohibited.

6. For feeding the pet the guest must bring with him special utensils. Using the hotel utensils for feeding the pets is strictly prohibited.

7. The guest having a cat must bring a special tray for a cat's toilet with him.

8. In absence of a special cage for a pet, it is prohibited to leave the pet unattended in the rooms, in the  hall and on the territory of the hotel. The guest must take the pet away for the time of cleaning the room by the staff of the hotel and and the repairs in the room.

9. It is prohibited to take the animats with you to the restaurant, the health Center and other public places of the hotel.

10. It is prohibited to wash the pets in the shower cabins, use towels, sheets and other hotel belongings for taking care of them.

11. It is prohibited to comb the pets in the rooms and in the hall of the hotel.

12. The hotel reserves the right to terminate the agreement with the guest having a pet::

- in case of breaking the rules of accomodation,

- in case of aggressive, inadequate, noisy behaviour of a pet.